Sunday, January 25, 2009

2 Week Update!

The University of Missouri - Columbia! at night!

Okay, so you all know about the trials and tribulations of me actually getting to Missouri. Well if not I shall give you a brief outline: got on a plane to Washington DC.

realised I did not have a very imporant form but hoped for the best got to immigration and had a big B put on one of my forms... was made to wait in a little room and was interviewed as to why I did not have it... missed my plane... Instead of catching a single plane to get me to Saint Louis - Missouri I had to catch one to Illinois and then one from there to Saint Louis and then take a 2 hour bus ride to the hotel! Once I got there, Bethan [my friend from Manchester] saved me some pizza. I wasn't feeling very hungry, just tired. So I left it and went to bed knowing that I would have to be in the foyer to meet our co-ordinator at 7:30!!!

However due to sheer adrenaline! I managed it! and this is a picture of me in the morning at the hotel!

Patrick picked us up and took us to breakfast! We went to a nice little bakery called the Rag Tag and got some tea and croissants etc. Then headed off to the uni... we spent the first few days going to orientation classes which were a little boring... and the weather was majorly cold! in actual fact it snowed! A LOT!

They actually have real snowflakes here! Look at the one on Bethan's mitten!!!!

Behind me in this picture is one of the really nice sorority/fraternity houses! We know a girl called jennifer who lives in one so hopefully I can show you some pictures of the inside soon!!

The University is really pretty as well! Its just our halls that look like a BIG BLOCK OF FLATS!

Talking of Halls... obviously as we are in America we have a roommate which as you all know I was very dubious about! specially when I found this:

I was scared she was going to be a scary cheerleader like the ones you see in the films but in actual fact she is AMAZING!!! we get on really really well! Her name is Bree!

Okay! so now onto places we have been things we have seen!!! .... so we went to the Columbia Mall! it was a bit of a dissapointment! but it had a few shops worth looking at A&F and American Eagle etc!

We were all very excited once we got to Target and found boxes and boxes of Lucky Charms!

JEALOUS DANIEL????! -thought so! and the best part was it was three boxes for $7!! and in Selfridges it costs about £7 a box!! so we obviously got three each... and yes, they are all finished!
We also got to see a Basketball match! It was actually amazing! they really do stand up and have somebody sing the national anthem before a game!!!

We also went to a gay club! as one of our friends Justin is gay and thought it would be a fun experience.. and we did have a fun time! there was a big drag show at first and here is a picture of the funniest drag queen who is actually a proffesor at a nearby university!!

We were also lucky enough to be invited to a house party!! so we got to see what they were really like! And they really are as typical as the films make out... red cups... beer pong... hip hop music and pop punk... in very pretty student houses!

We also went to a country bar with a mechanical Bull! Which was so much fun!! Although I couldn't get on it by myself... me and mom are so alike! haha!

And that is pretty much it for now. So far its been really fun. Lessons are good - there is a lot more work to do here... but I like it. I miss you guys at home very much specially gaylord daniel even though it pains me to say so.

Lots of Love


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