Sunday, February 8, 2009

It has now almost officially been a month.

Okay, so this is my next update! I know that so far all I have shown you is the fun! Well there is a lot of work involved over here. The programme is much more intense and leads to nights like this where you just want to die! But I think that the work and the work load here shall help me to be on top of my game back at home!
Well these past few weeks the weather has been really sporadic. Mixture of below freezing all the way through to 67 degrees farenheit! Tuesday was a really warm day so Danni [ a girl studying here from London] and I went for a walk to take pictures of the pretty buildings in the sunshine. Below is a picture of part of our recreational centre! Loads of people play even when its cold but in the sunshine everyone is out there!

Below is a picture of Jesse Hall... which is famous for having burnt down. The pillars are from the original building and one block from these pillars is the other set. Showing just how big the original building was!

A picture of some older college kids by the creek having a picnic! The camera doesn't really show how warm it was but the fact people are outside eating does! haha!

Here is a picture of both sets of columns of the original jesse hall! You can see the others at the end of the block!

We have also been to multiple parties! It was our friend Justin's 19th birthday party and below is a picture of him and some of his good friends! The theme was fun in the sun!!

- I, yes me Pav! Held a dog! A real life breathing animal! and was not scared! So mom I think if we do have a dog as long as its like this one I won't be scared. There are quite a few dogs around the town here but they are all tied up but I am starting to overcome my fear!

Below is a picture of us at the house party. Amber the girl with brown hair in the middle is the dog's owner and its also her house! She was really nice!

At the party though! there was a bit of an accident as you can see! Cristobel managed to slice his finger with a knife!

But with his boyfriends medical supply of plasters he was all fixed!

Mom wanted to know what the food was like or if the portions were big enough! Below is a picture of a kids meal of chicken strips and fries from shake and steak!

And to go with that I had the most amazing half and half milkshake ever!

One of the english boys called callum turned 20 so we all went out for his birthday as a group! which was nice! although callum had clearly wondered off somewhere as he is not in the picture!

As much as I love the girls and guys I came with I did want to make friends with some Americans and be able to hang out with them as an individual... so I made friends with a girl called Bailey whose mom and aunty are country singers! We went for lunch, shopping, to her house and then to a place called the Penguin.
Below is a picture of us trying to capture jumping in the air - very badly might I add!

The girl in the blue dress is bailey and the girl in maroon is jessica one of her housemates!

We went to the Penguin which is a place where two people play piano in a duel almost! and you can make requests! Mom would love it here because everyone loves country music! When we made a request the piano man said we could sing because he like my accent! So we even got to preform!

Below is a picture of me and the American Girls! <3

When I called mom this morning and told her about the fact I had been shooting she seemed very worried about my state of mind! I think what might have scared her more is the fact that the man thought I was a natural! Below is a picture of my first 5 shots... notice how there are only 4 holes... that is because I got two through the same hole in the center!

I told the instructor that I would love to use a gun that looked like Lara Crofts's from Tomb Raider and it just so happened that his personal gun was the one Angelina Jolie used in the film! So he said I could borrow his! Below is the picture of the gun and the bullets I used!

Me taking a shot at the target!

Below is a picture of us with guns that would not be allowed in the UK! haha! He told us we should go back again and try different guns like the laser one he had in his pocket! I think we might do it as it was mega fun!

And thats all I have for you guys at the moment. I miss you all very much and hope you are all okay!
Lots of Love


  1. yoooooo i wanna play with the guns bring one home plzzz :P
    see ya soon :D

  2. The message above is not your mother, I do not want a gun thank you very much :-( that is your wanna be gangsta brother :0) xx

  3. Wazzuup Paz, America looks great, you seem to be havin a good tym , i want to go to a american house party with the cupz and stuff :], Were all missin u back at home, Enjoy it tho , Chez !