Friday, April 24, 2009

General Missouri Catch up! <3

Okay so the picture above was taken at about 4am, when Chris and I both had a paper due the next day... so he took me to Wal-Mart and we both got junk food to keep us going! lol!
Just recently I went to a fashion show... this was one of the designers... who said she will make me a dress before I leave!

Here are some of the Bree's friends and myself at the fashionshow!

I was really shocked that part of the entertainment in the show = bollywood dancing! which meant there were actually Indian people in Missouri! all very exciting!

The Dance Team did a little show in the fashion show too!

The girl in the green dress is my friend Tiona!

The picture below was taken at our rich friends birthday party! he rented the whole of this venue and a dj etc! It was a fun night!

Me and Bree decided it would be really fun to dress up when we were bored one night!

Below is a picture of the scene from Mardi Gras it was actually unreal! So much fun!

Yes in the picture below you can see that the whole thing was being filmed and put on tv!!! so I may have been on the news! lol!

This is a picture of me when I first got some beads! Do not worry I did not flash for them! :p

I finally managed to go to HOOTERS! we had chicken wings! and I got the t-shirt - for the irony of course! haha!

Beth's boyfriend Andy from Uni but he also lives in birmingham came to visit a while ago! So we did the infamous west midlands travel pose!

Again with my fear of animals being lifted whilst staying at Austin's dad's house I shared with a cat and two crazy dogs! without crying or screaming once!

Below is a rather fetching picture of myself dare I say it! haha! we went to a stache bash! where everyone had to wear a moustache! it was a lot of fun!

Everyone thinks I look like MIA here... so at this party I dressed and acted like her! everyone thought it was hilarious!

We went to WHITE CASTLE! and made a castle from the boxes... the food was disgusting which is why it was linked to Harold and Kumar get the munchies!

We have also visited Saint Louis for a shopping trip with my favourite gay couple Jake and Chris! Below is a picture of the lift that takes you up the famous arch!

In the museum under the arch... i was told to pose with my people and then came the quote of the day! OH WAIT ' you are a dot not a feather!' lol!

You can kind of see how big the arch is!

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